Jan 10, 2011

my name is malion

Hello. my name is malion.
I am a keeper here at pygmalion craft,
you can ask me anything.

I have 4 rooms in pygmalion craft, each of them selling different items :
sketch poison : 
sketch book, it's important to carry it everywhere. 
you'll never know when you got lighting strike and ZIPPP! 
you got a new idea, hurry!! write it down using sketch poison book.
once you draw your idea it will continuously flow like a wind. 
don't waste your idea in thought. write it down.

calliope bjoux :
a lovely items that originally handmade by our craft artist,
steal people attention by wearing unique & limited edition
handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hairband and
lots of beauty items.

clay station :
art by air dry clay, very spongy.
for a colour addict, you can buy ready stock items
or if you have something in mind, knock our door
and leave messages. Perfect for a gift, souvenir and collection

mok-mok :
last rooms yet you can find any colorful lovely items,
find any cute stuff, plushy doll, bag, felt doll.
we not a mass product, so grab it fast while it's still hot.

so... malion hope all of you
find anything interesting 
and just knock at my door
if you have any questions.

- always positive, always creative, always smile -

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